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Home Moves

9 lesson video sequence

Home Moves is a 9 lesson sequence I recorded for the City of Darebin Get Active Program during the first COVID-19 ‘Lockdown’ period in Melbourne in 2020. These lessons offer a firm foundation in the key concepts of the Feldenkrais Method and will take you on a journey into self discovery through movement.

Bear in mind the series was taught as a live stream so each lesson contains introductory elements and medical disclaimers. 

To that end: if you suffer a medical condition of any kind that puts you at risk when doing physical activity then please consult your medical practitioner before engaging in these lessons.

That said Awareness Through Movement is all about moving with an absence of effort in the search for ease. So if you go slow and ‘listen’ to your body’s cues you will minimise the potential for risk and/or harm.

This lesson explores the connection of the arm to the shoulder, to the ribcage, to the pelvis; and ultimately the integration of the arm and shoulders to the whole body.


This lesson activates the flexors of the body, primarily located at the front. Exploring the use of the hip flexors, abdominals and neck muscles will assert greater clarity and ease with the most ordinary tasks. As an unexpected side benefit it is common to experience a release in the back muscles which settle in response to the work through the front.


This lesson is mostly conducted on all fours (hands and knees), so go gently. It offers incredible insight into the hips and pelvis. And the payoff is a dynamic and explosive way to shift from side to side.


This lesson gives great insight into the bias we may have, one side to the other. Feel into how you side bend and learn to improve from the side that has greater versatility.


This lesson is a wonderful foray into differentiating the movement of the shoulders from the head, neck and back. This lesson activates the extensors of the body, primarily located in the back. The tighter the back muscles the higher the arch when lying on the floor – like a bow. This lesson helps find the parts that bend the most and the least and will make the bending of the back more even.

Don’t be deterred by the macabre name, the Dead Bird lesson is a wonderful exploration into rotation: how we twist, using all of ourselves. From heels through to head, this lesson will unpack where your turning starts and ends.

The pelvis is the powerhouse of human movement. The biggest and strongest muscles of the body connect with, through and from the pelvis. Having clarity about how we utilise these muscles is vital in the restoration of pure and powerful movement. This lesson introduces the concept of moving in every direction represented by a clock dial.

Taking up from the previous lesson, but also perfectly fine to undertake independently, the Ultimate Pelvic Clock is the extended exploration of this idea of moving freely in all directions from the pelvis, in multiple orientations: sitting, reclining and lying.


Find freedom in the shoulder region that is echoed in the hips. Feel the connection between these two powerful areas of the body with a supple and adaptable middle that allows for the transfer of movement. Feel how use of the pelvis makes everything else lighter.

Soft ground, soft feet

A mini Awareness Through Movement lesson delivered as part of the Australian Feldenkrais Guild Online Summit 2021.

This lesson accompanies my article ‘The Ground Within