I am a somatic educator. What does that mean? I assist people to increase awareness of themselves through movement and touch, to feel what it is that they are doing so they have some modicum of autonomy restored to habitual patterns of movement.
I am a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and this is the method that informs much of my work. I have a vibrant and active interest in sport, dance and human movement. And beyond that I am an audio professional, having been a dj and producer for the best part of my adult life. Throughout my life and my work, everything comes back to the art of connection. This is my driver.
This website concerns the Movement part of my life and practice. My audio life can be found at www.machinelabel.co

Simon Slieker

certified feldenkrais practitioner

About me

I find human movement a poetry of its own devising. There is art in how we move and I have spent my life absorbing its potential. Through sport of all kinds, freeform dance, various martial arts and most recently through the Feldenkrais Method I have enjoyed an enduring interest in the art of motion. 

Through the Feldenkrais Method in particular I have learnt about quality movement, how to achieve it and hone it. 

As a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, I offer workshops and classes in Awareness Through Movement and one on one sessions of Functional Integration. The intention is consistent: to assist people into feeling, sensing and knowing themselves through movement. In short to create the conditions to facilitate greater awareness of self. 

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