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Awareness through movement

The Movement Algorithm - Preston - Wednesdays - 6.30pm - 7.30pm

This class is capped at 8 people so booking is advised:

The Movement Algorithm: move well, feel well, be well.

Through gentle movement sequences in lying, learn how to build kinaesthetic literacy. Rediscover the raw power and grace you were designed to enjoy.

You inhabit one of the most sophisticated machines the planet has ever seen. Shaped over millennia, you stand at an evolutionary peak climbed by warriors, wanderers and wonderers who have walked the earth before you.

And yet however brilliant the machine, the realisation of its potential is dependent on the intelligence of the driver – the inhabitant nervous system. Function is a learnt process and how deep we choose to go is the choice of each individual.

So how far have you come?

Do you wish for better form, a stronger arm, a smoother swing? Do you wonder about a recurring strain, persistent pain, weak link in the chain?

Are you ready to improve your self use? To sequence movements with awareness of timing, orientation and manipulation? To know what you are doing, to the subtlest detail so you can do what you want? So you can truely move with ease, grace and all of your evolutionary potential?

It’s time to discover the Feldenkrais Method of Awareness Through Movement.

This tailored 8 week series of lessons will take you on a tour de force of your movement habits and open up a new realm of possibilities.

Who are the classes for?
The series is appropriate for all ability levels. It serves as an introduction to the Feldenkrais Method of Awareness Through Movement. Dancers, athletes, musicians, actors, performers and every day people will enjoy improvements with this training. In essence, everyone can benefit from refining their movement and experiencing greater ease, efficiency and explosive power.

Each class is 1 hour long with 15 minutes of wind down . This allows time for introductory concepts the reward of slowing down. You can attend classes as individual lessons and benefit. However if you are able to commit to a 5 week bracket you can take advantage of the 20% discount price and enjoy the sequential structure of the lessons.

What to bring:
Both of the studios I teach out of supply yoga mats and these are suitable for use in Awareness Through Movement. If you would prefer your own mat, or a mat with more padding than a yoga mat you may bring your own. Most Awareness Through Movement lessons involve lying on a mat and moving in various positions, so comfortable clothes are recommended.

What about exisiting injuries or conditions?
The physical demands of the course are light to moderate. Various levels of injury, physical incapacity and constraint can be accommodated. If you do suffer from an existing condition it is advised that you contact Simon via the means below to get further advice.




  • Improve balance
  • Improve physical functioning
  • Relieve strain
  • Restore sense of calm and tranquility
  • Explore & cultivate self-awareness
  • Demystify & dismantle self-consciousness
  • Calm the nervous system, restore sympathetic nervous response
  • Enhance ease & capacity for pleasure

Learn how to:

  • Quiet the nervous system and mind
  • Pay attention to yourself in movement
Include more of yourself in movement
  • Move better, with tranference across movement disciplines and modalities

Class day and time:
Wednesdays: 6.30pm – 7.30pm

Primal Moves, 147 High Street, Preston, Victoria, Australia 3072

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