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Awareness through movement

Finding comfort in the 'now' - Online Zoom class • Dates to be announced

Finding comfort in the ‘now’

The Feldenkrais Method uses movement as the gateway for self exploration. There are many paths to be explored, but this particular trajectory is about becoming ever more present – to the movement, to the moment.
This series of Awareness Through Movement sessions is tailored to harness the capacity of the method to get into the essence of self in the moment of now. It is part of the raw potential of the Feldenkrais Method, to use movement and novelty to address our capacity to learn how we learn –  to feel, move, sense and think. In a word to harness our very capacity to experience ourselves by slowing down and truly being with what is, rather than how it was before, or how we’d like it to be next.

Sometimes we move toward, a goal, a potential we seek to fulfil. 

Sometimes we move away, from that which is hard to accept, a truth we don’t want to know.

Sometimes we are still, present – to ourselves, our bodies, thoughts, feelings, sensory experience. 

Could the unbridled experience of ’now’ be a place where compassion lives? A moment where what we seek and what we reject don’t interfere with what is. Where in being present we can expand, breathe and explore possibility, first in ourselves, then beyond. 

3 sessions on 3 Tuesdays. Are we skipping ahead, are we in the past, and closing with: being in the ‘now’. 

Who are the classes for?
The series is appropriate for all ability levels. It serves as an introduction to the Feldenkrais Method of Awareness Through Movement.

Structure: Each class is 1 hour long with 15 minutes of wind down . This allows time for introductory concepts the reward of slowing down. You can attend classes as individual lessons and benefit. However if you are able to commit to a 5 week bracket you can take advantage of the 20% discount price and enjoy the sequential structure of the lessons.


What you need:
Enough space to lie comfortably on the floor. Have something comfortable to lie on like a rug or a fitness mat. As this is an online class it is advisable to position your computer camera so as to include you in the frame. This will enable me to properly ‘include’ you in my teaching. Wear comfortable clothes. Can you see a theme here? It’s all about getting comfortable.


What about exisiting injuries or conditions?
The physical demands of the lessons are light to moderate. Various levels of injury, physical incapacity and constraint can be accommodated. If you do suffer from an existing condition it is advised that you contact me via the means below to get further advice. And especially consult a medical professional where necessary.

Learn how to:

  • Quiet the nervous system and mind
  • Pay attention to yourself in movement
Include more of yourself in movement
  • Move better, with tranference across movement disciplines and modalities

Class day and time:
Tuesdays: 6.30pm – 7.30pm

On an internet enabled device with the Zoom app.