Still standing...

Still standing…

Still standing’ is an oxymoron.

Because to stand still denies the very process that has allowed us humans to adopt this most complicated of positions.

Imagine a collection of billiard balls balanced in a vertical stack. The dynamics of this feat are almost impossible to imagine let alone implement.

Yet this is not dis-similar to what we have achieved in coming to upright.

Think about the joints involved: ankles, knees, hips, every vertebra terminating in the 5kg dead weight at the top.

To call it a ‘feat’ is not understatement.

So when we are standing ‘still’ we are actually in an incremental dance of infinitesimal adjustments and recalibrations that our automatic nervous system is carrying out…constantly.

We are actually in a constant oscillation between falling and balancing.


It is dynamic and awesome.

And far from still.

So we may not ever truely be standing still, but we very much are still standing.

And this is what we are doing on Thursday’s class at Wildlife Wonders.

45 minutes to arrive at an under-standing.

Class Schedule

Apollo Bay Thursday ATM class

Thursdays 5:30pm - 6:30pm

At Wildlife Wonders 475 Great Ocean Road. Apollo Bay

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Birregurra  90 minute Sunday Workshops

Mechanics Hall, 42 Main St. Birregurra

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Every 3 weeks

16th June 4pm

7th July 4pm

28th July

Birregurra Wednesday Short Burst ATM Classes

Wednesday’s every now and again

Mechanics Hall, 42 Main St. Birregurra

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Wednesday 5th June, 6pm

Wednesday 14th August, 6pm

Wednesday 9th October, 6pm

What’s a Class & What’s a Workshop?

Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) classes are single 45-60 minute lessons. They are stand alone and can be enjoyed out of sequence and without previous experience.

Workshops run across 90 minutes and combine one or more ATM’s which are unpacked and examined. They are based on themes that explore:

  • movement patterns ie. sitting to standing, twisting, lengthening through the torso and,

  • body landmarks ie. shoulder structure, pelvis and hips, neck and head, where the function and structure of these will be explored.

The workshops also stand alone and can be engaged with singly and out of sequence.