Our COVID Statement

Please read.


We’ve realised we’ve been remiss not to make a statement about the approach we’re taking regarding Covid safety protocols at this event. So here it is.

And from the outset rest assured if you have bought a ticket and don’t feel comfortable with our approach you can let us know and we’ll refund your ticket immediately.
The Great Rumpus is not a Vaccine Passport event. We do not require you to prove vaccination status to attend.
Why not? Whilst Dharma and I are double vaccinated and most people we know are, we also have friends who are not. We feel that individuals should have the right to choose whether or not to receive the vaccine and not be prevented from coming to this event due to that choice. We’re aware that our community has a range of opinions on this topic and it’s not for us to decree who is right or wrong. We all make choices every day and we all incur consequences every day. The best we can do as the hosts of the event is give you clear and accurate information so you are best placed to make your choices based on good information.
Our approach to personal responsibility regarding COVID safety is exactly the same as our approach to rules and governance around social behaviour, litter and rubbish, glass, pets etc… We are not here to police our community, instead we encourage everyone to step into their sovereign self responsibility and to relish this event as an opportunity for us all to practice our best selves for one another and the whole.
The Victorian Government advises that dancing in public is a high risk activity and they advise against it. Fortunately they have not mandated this and so we are free to proceed without risk of prosecution. They have however made a mandate of wearing a mask indoors. So at this time it is a legal requirement to wear a mask indoors. We will not be policing this.
Our daytime dance floor is outdoors which is a blessing in terms of risk of airborne transmission of the virus. It is up to you whether you wear a mask or not. If you feel at risk or that you may be a risk then we suggest you wear a mask. Again please take responsibility for your needs and know you will not be judged for doing so.
Our nighttime dance floor is indoors and in a relatively small room. Thus risk of transmission is much higher. Again we will not be policing behaviour in the space but it is a legal requirement to wear a mask indoors in this State at this time. So please make informed choices and take responsibility for yourself.
Almost all of the event will be in open air environments so all things considered the risk levels are relatively low compared to indoor public events. That said it is undeniable that the very act of attending a public event presents an element of risk.
So there it is. We trust this is all clear and you can now proceed…