Audio recordings

By Simon Slieker


Part 1. Recorded one sunny afternoon on a Saturday in Melbourne, Australia

Part 2. Activating the Flexors, awareness through movement class. This lesson follows on from the intro above.

Bending backwards – activating the extensors of the back

This lesson comes is adapted from a Frank Wildman lesson who originally adapted it from a Moshe Feldenkrais lesson. It is a wonderful foray into feeling freedom of the shoulders from the head, neck and back. This lesson activates the extensors of the body, primarily located in the back. The tighter the back muscles the higher the arch when lying on the floor – like a bow. This lesson helps find the parts that bend the most and the least and will make the bending of the back more even.

Side lying, sliding the arms and legs to improve lifting of the head – CHEST LIKE JELLY

This lesson is about freeing up the middle, the intercostal rib muscles and the abdominals. It mobilises the pelvis and the shoulders to assist the spine in lifting the head and turning.

This is a wonderful sequence of movements to assist when feeling tense and stressed. Particularly when working at a desk and experiencing neck tightness. 

Notice whether you are comfortable or uncomfortable. Discomfort is worth noticing and comfort is worth having. In noticing discomfort these simple movements can assist.